The steakhouse is a true NYC institution, and its history is packed with the types of tales best told over martinis and red meat. In 1887, Peter Luger opened its doors in Williamsburg and started serving porterhouses to the people. In 1985, the Gambini crime family was gunned down outside of Sparks Steakhouse on East 46th street.

Fast forward to today, when new-school chophouses have popped up all over the city, challenging old-fashioned norms while still serving thoughtfully sourced, beautifully cooked slabs of beef.

It’s undeniable: the mighty steak is deeply woven into the culinary fabric of this city. Which is why we’ve listed our top five steakhouses in NYC, including both classics and newcomers. We’ve featured a downtown joint where you can blow your paycheck on a 44-ounce rib-eye, as well as a “blue collar” steakhouse where you can feast on fabulous butcher’s steak for $16. No matter what your budget and style is, one of these NYC steakhouses is sure to entice.

Here are our picks for the best steakhouse in NYC.