Welcome to “The Best Recipes on the Internet,” a new series where we ask experts to sift through the endless recipes available online and tell us which ones really work. Running point on the project is Cara Eisenpress, a passionate home cook and author of In The Small Kitchen: 100 Recipes From Our Year of Cooking in the Real World.

Mexican cuisine in Mexico is hugely regional, from the fried fish tacos of Baja to the mole sauces of Oaxaca. Add in the Mexican diaspora in the United States, and you’ve got everything from the makeshift breakfast tacos of Austin’s food trucks to the loaded burritos of Chipotle. How to make sense of this enormous range of options, let alone find recipes that don’t suck?

To master the building blocks of authentic Mexican food, we asked the experts to pick the best recipes they’ve found in years of cooking the country’s cuisine. We’re talking homemade corn tortillas and pinto beans from scratch, salsas every which way, carnitas, guacamole, and more. But that doesn’t mean we excluded great recipes for more new-fangled cooking, fresh takes on old favorites, or dishes with a hint of Tex Mex.

Our experts—food bloggers, entrepreneurs from Mexico, TV hosts, and devoted eaters—picked out the condiments, main dishes, and even desserts you need to know to make the best Mexican food at home. Whether your goal is an all-day mole or a simple taco, you’ll find a sure-fire version of that dish here.

Don’t stress yourself out with bad instructions for making guacamole or think about making margaritas from a mix. Instead, scroll through to model your dinner after the cuisine of our Mexican experts:

Pati Jinch, author of Pati’s Mexican Table

Adriana Martin, blogger at Adriana’s Best Recipes, which documents her family recipes in tribute to her abuela, Mama Licha.

Kathryne Taylor, blogger at Cookie and Kate.

Alfonso Pacheco, an avid eater and food enthusiast from Mexico who now lives and eats in NYC and works for Mealku.com, making sure no one has an excuse not to eat well.

Cara Eisenpress, editor at Big Girls, Small Kitchen, author of In the Small Kitchen, and First We Feast contributor