The burgerscape of Brooklyn was looking pretty grim a few years back. Today, it’s a much different story and the borough has become a destination for some of the best burgers New York City has to offer.

My favorite burgers are the ones that are made with simple, fresh ingredients, and with love. High-quality fresh ground beef is the cornerstone of greatness in burgers and the choice of well-thought out toppings can be just as important.

With that in mind, it may come as no surprise that many (but not all) of the new great hamburger destinations in Brooklyn are the creation of former kitchen staff from Michelin-starred restaurants in Manhattan and beyond. They’ve crossed the river to experiment and entice a population that has come to expect something different. These are chefs that are dedicated to delivering high-quality yet affordable food in their enclaves deep in Brooklyn.—George Motz

Check out the 9 best burger in Brooklyn right now.

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