Honestly, the concept of brunch in NYC can be terrifying, and we’ve previously entertained the opinion that it shows the city at its worst: hangry, hungover patrons; irritable, hungover staff; and kitchens turning out rote menus full of French toast and eggs Benedict. But we’re not so joyless that we can’t appreciate the appeal of pigging out on the weekend, so we’ve managed to figure out the least frustrating—and tastiest—spots to feast on those lazy Saturdays and Sundays afternoons.

Head on over to the East Village for reinvented classics like jerk chicken and coconut waffles from one of the country’s most celebrated modernist chefs. If you need a place to let loose on a Sunday morning in Brooklyn, you could dig into gut-busting plates of biscuits and gravy and beef broth-infused Bloody Marys. We’ve also highlighted the city’s best market-driven brunch menu, an ideal brunch spot for culture mavens, and a breakfast sandwich that will put your bodega egg-and-cheese to shame.

Here are our five favorite NYC brunch spots, by category.