Smartphones were created to make you a more legitimate beer nerd. Case in point: the brand-new, totally free BeerMenus app, which helps you:

  • find your favorite beers—and beers you’ve been wanting to try—locally
  • find places with great beer (perfect for when you’re traveling and in a new city)
  • browse up-to-date beer menus at bars and restaurants
  • keep track of the beers you drink (this is good for making your friends jealous)

The creators explain how the BeerMenus app combines data from businesses (bars, restaurants, beer shops) and consumers to facilitate your beer drinking:

In places that lack a concentration of bars updating their menus, users could initially find it tough to find their beers. To fix that problem, we’ve added the ‘Log your beer’ feature, so as more users log their beers, others searching for those beers will still be able to find them nearby.

So when Bell’s Two Hearted or Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (your favorites!) become available nearby, you’ll get a notification.


You can also follow bars, restaurants, and beer shops, and you’ll be notified when they put new beers on the menu.

What are you waiting for? Go download the app.