If you love the taste of beer but can’t afford to spend your day wasted, you’ll be pleased to know an Italian company has invented a non-alcoholic spread that is 40% beer. It’s called Birra Spalmabile (or spreadable beer) and although it’s been in production since 2012, it just hit international markets through online retailer Firebox.

The condiment is the result of a collaboration between Alta Quota brewery and Napoleone chocolate company, and is being marketed as a hop-flavored accompaniment for cheese (nice knowing you, quince jam) or a topping for toast. Check out the 2013 Bloomberg News video above for more recipe suggestions including crepes and tarts.

Photo: Firebox

All photos: Firebox

According to Firebox’s product description, spreadable beer has a “sticky yet smooth texture and an irresistible hoppy scent.” The single (positive) online review gives a similar account, saying it tastes weirdly like beer “but with a soft, gooey texture” and that “it’s like nothing else you’ve ever eaten,” which is true, but we’re willing to try.

Photo: Firebox

A close up of the sweet beer jelly

If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around the concept, we’d like to point out that yeast spreads like Vegemite and Marmite are actually made from a by-product of the beer brewing process. Also, is spreadable beer really any weirder than spreadable anchovies or beef (which both happen to be amazing on toast, fyi)?

[via Global News]

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