A beer fountain sounds nice, but even that can’t compare to the glorious invention that is Starkenberg Brewery’s beer-filled bath.

The beer pool is located in Austria, where visitors can soak in a converted brewery-room-turned-beer-bath. According to The Great Big Story, the bath leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and nourished.

Technically speaking, you could take sips of the beer inside the hot tub, but as The Great Big Story notes, it will be warm and taste pretty bitter. Luckily, guests can order a glass of beer separate from the boozy suds they have been soaking in. Someone should really consider making a bath filled with mulled wine instead.

If beer isn’t really your thing, you can head over to Japan and soak in ramen noodle baths. The noodle-filled bath is almost too good to be true. Besides the obvious joys of soaking in a bath filled with a delicious meal, the bath can also increase your metabolism and improve your skin.

If only these two bathing experiences could be combined so that people could start off in a ramen noodle bath and end their visit sipping some beer in a nearby beer pool. Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if Spa Castle in Queens already has this set up.

[via The Great Big Story]