Clothing inspired by food tends to be super-wack, unless it’s an all-over-print sweatshirt that looks like French fries. But recently, we’ve realized that the reverse—food that feels like it’s ready to be street-styled by Tommy Ton—can be pretty excellent. The all-black-everything burgers of Japan look like they’ve been hiding out in Jay Z and Kanye’s “Run This Town” video, and these Rick Owens-style goth chickens are unstoppably cool.

The latest example of runway-ready grub is Baskin-Robbins’ First Class Camouflage Ice Cream, which is the chain’s “flavor of the month” for November—a perfect match for your fall uniform of Champion hoodies and Timberland boots. Camo ice cream is way better camo Ice Cream, especially since it comes with a matching waffle cone.

It’s pretty obvious that the darkest color is chocolate, but what about the green and the beige? Here’s the flavor breakdown:


Now we just need to find out if they’re doing an ice-cream cake version of The War Report album cover. In the meantime, here’s what First Class Camouflage looks like in the wild:

New camo waffle cones!! #cones#camo#baskinrobbins @baskinrobbins_muncie

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