Barilla pasta has come up with a new way to make noodles. The Italian pasta giant will soon begin 3D printing its product.

The company has been working with tech geniuses TNO Eindhoven to design a 3D pasta printer that is suitable for restaurants worldwide. In other words, Barilla wants to give customers the freshest pasta possible. The prototype will print 15-20 pieces every two minutes, according to Geek.

The new machines would be able to customize noodles instantly, getting customers their pasta within minutes.

On the downside, the recipe required for printed pasta is much different than the traditional egg and flour mixture. Barilla would need to sell participating restaurants pre-made cartridges.

Geek writes:

“Barilla’s pasta cartridges are the real money-maker here, and the pricing per volume of pasta dough will likely be the number one concern here. Additionally, higher-end restaurants will likely turn away from pre-made dough in favor of an in-house mixture, even if only to appease customers.”

We’re anxious to see if printed pasta takes over. Stega Nona‘s got nothin’ on this.

[via Geek]

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