When it comes to jaw-dropping rich-person sh*t, we thought we’d seen it all. From the standard full-court basketball setup, to a room that Tommy Lee fashioned entirely out of purple velvet, the one-percenters appeared to have reached their ceiling for flagrantly awesome uses of money.

Oh, how wrong we were. With a couple of recent Instagram videos from Master Of None star and creator Aziz Ansari, we now know that no one will top the lavishness planted in Tyrese Gibson’s backyard: a full Benihana restaurant.

Ansari noted in a series of posts that the R&B and movie star invited him, his brother, and comedy group The Lonely Island to his personal Benihana, which Gibson calls “Gibisihana,” to celebrate Aziz’s brother’s birthday. Below, you can catch some of the hijinks, which include Ansari and squad getting down to Future’s “Bugatti.”

GIBISIHANA TURN UP!!! (cc @tyrese @thecarolinagentleman @davidcho @thelonelyisland)

A video posted by @azizansari on

Then again, we should’ve known about Gibson’s game-changing landscaping move. He filmed a YouTube clip two years ago that proved its existence.

Guess it just took a visit from Mr. Treat Yo’self to transform Gibisihana from urban legend to Instagram icon.

Correction: An earlier post stated that David Cho, the videographer behind Aziz’s clips, was a co-creator of Master Of None. He is not; MON‘s fellow co-creator is Alan Yang.