When it gets cold out, what do you think about eating and drinking?

Most people like hot things—coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Savory stews are good, too—basically, anything that gives you that warm sense of comfort that feels like it spreads down to your frozen toes.

Would you be willing to trade your favorite warm beverage for a cup of steaming, hot bone broth? 

As Quartz reports, bone broth is having a major moment in the health food and wellness world. A popular paleo diet option, it’s being talked up by everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Shape Magazine.

Besides being warm and comforting, bone broth packs serious health benefits. Collagen does wonders for skin, hair, and nails, not to mention its digestive benefits. According to Quartz, the L.A. Lakers’ nutritionist even insists that bone broth is essential to players’ diets.

James Beard-winning chef Marco Canora of Hearth just opened Brodo, NYC’s first—and so far, only—take-out hot broth window. According to well + GOOD, Brodo is currently selling three broths: Grass-Fed Beef (infused with ginger), Organic Chicken, and Hearth Broth (which involves two whole turkeys, 40 pounds of beef shin, and 15 stewing hens to make right).

Sizes available are small ($4), medium ($5.50), and large ($6.75) that are ladled into standard to-go coffee cups.

Bonus for dog lovers in NYC: Here’s another treat you can share with your furry BFF.

You know some people are thinking it’s the next big thing when it shows up on clothing and tote bags, like this one from London-based healthy lifestyle shop Hemsley and Hemsley.
bone broth boil your bones hemsley and hemsley

Photo: Hemsley and Hemsley

Canora grew up with the stuff. As he told well + GOOD,

“I grew up in an Italian household, and brodo is something you have at all the holidays. Every Christmas dinner, every Easter dinner, they start with broth. I love that it’s been around forever and there are proverbs from South America that say a good broth can revive the dead.”

The thing is, while it hasn’t always been referred to as “bone broth,” the idea of drinking broth like this isn’t new.

Talk to an old-school British person and he might just tell you about Bovril. It’s essentially a shelf-stable instant beef broth, kind of like Taster’s Choice is for coffee. It’s sometimes affectionately called ‘beef tea,’ and people in the UK have been drinking it at soccer games and elsewhere since World War I.

Any cook who gives a side-eye to bullion cubes can tell you that using bones this way is the first step to making great soups, stews, and sauces. As The Splendid Table tells us, beautiful, clear, aromatic broth is always the star of a good bowl of pho.

Still, we’re pretty sure the hardcore caffeine addicts aren’t going to be so willing to give up their java for a steaming, hot cup of chicken broth. It does still sound better than souping, though.

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