On a recent leg of his No Reservations Final Tour, Anthony Bourdain hits up Gloria’s in Crown Heights for some Caribbean food with Michael K. Williams, a.k.a. Omar Little on The Wire. Williams handles the ordering to cover the essentials: Bourdain got oxtail with rice and peas, while he ordered curry goat with mac-and-cheese and callaloo for himself.

As they start on their meal, Jamie Hector —who played Omar’s enemy, Marlo Stanfield, on the HBO series—just happens to stop by the restaurant and orders himself a sea moss drink (considered to be a potent aphrodisiac).

Trust: The lingering close-ups of Gloria’s specialties will make you want to eat something, so don’t watch if you’re feeling even the slightest twinge of hunger. Best move is to grab some grub, then remember Bourdain’s previous run-in with Snoop from The Wire:


[via Browbeat]