Financial news operation 24/7 Wall St. published a report on America’s four fastest growing beer brands. As it turns out, America’s top three fastest-growing beers are all foreign. Dos Equis and Modelo—Mexican beers brewed by American companies—take first and second place; in third place is Stella Artois, a Belgian beer.

What explains Dos Equis’ success? 24/7 Wall St. writes, “Perhaps more than other popular beers, the spike in Dos Equis’ sales can be largely attributed to its successful advertising campaign featuring ‘the most interesting man in the world.’ The ad was launched in 2006, just before the start of the brand’s heyday.”

Modelo Especial wasn’t released in the U.S. until the ’90s, about 70 years after it was first brewed in Mexico. 24/7 Wall St. points out, “Modelo’s growth rates reflect in part the growing power of the Hispanic market. Remarkably, the company has released hardly any english-language advertising.”

And what’s Stella’s secret? The folks at 24/7 Wall St. don’t offer much insight; although, it’s possible that the brand’s hugely successful “Reassuringly Expensive” campaign (which ran from 1882 to 2007) allowed Stella to establish itself as a high-end, luxury beer worth the money. Advertising expert for Paul Suggett calls it “one of the most notable ad campaigns ever produced.”

Here’s a breakdown of America’s fastest growing beer brands, via 24/7 Wall St:

4. Blue Moon

  • Sales growth (2008-2013): 88.4%
  • Brewer: MillerCoors
  • Barrels shipped (2013): 2,025,000

3. Stella Artois

  • Sales growth (2008-2013): 95.4%
  • Brewer: Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Barrels shipped (2013): 1,475,000

2. Modelo Especial

  • Sales growth (2008-2013): 106.9%
  • Brewer: Constellation Brands
  • Barrels shipped (2013): 3,745,000

1. Dos Equis

  • Sales growth (2008-2013): 116.6%
  • Brewer: Heineken USA
  • Barrels shipped (2013): 1,570,000

[via PUNCH24/7 Wall St]