It’s been shown that 65% of humans are visual learners, and to many us, written percentages and data are little more than gibberish.

For example, we may read that people purchased $400 million of coconut water last year and not think much of it. But the mind-blowing-ness of this fact only hits home when we see the data in the form of a fancy colored graph that illustrates coconut-water sales every year since 2004, when people purchased close to nothing.

Thankfully, the Internet has no shortage of infographics and charts, and absorbing eye-opening data has never been easier. Ever wondered how generous people in your state are when it comes to tipping? There’s a chart for that. Or how long you have to work to earn enough money for a beer? There’s an infographic for that, too.

To bolster your small-talk arsenal of revealing facts and figures, we’ve rounded up 15 of the most interesting food-related charts, graphs, and infographics. All of them neatly summarize huge amounts of information related to the how, why, and what of eating and drinking in the U.S. and beyond.

Click through the list to nerd out on some mind-blowing data.

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