For better or for worse, a restaurant called Bar Brutus will soon open in Montreal. Every item on the menu at Brutus will feature bacon (because that trend hasn’t jumped the shark or anything).

Nevertheless, Montreal is a place that supports eating lots of meat. Don’t believe us? The city will host an International Bacon Day on August 27. #Recognize

Take a look at some of Bar Brutus’ bacon-packed menu items below.

Bacon poutine


What it is: Bacon, caramelized red onion, cheese curds, and homemade Jägermeister sauce served over french fries, served in half of a recycled Jägermeister bottle.

Bacon sushi


What it is: Bacon wrapped around chicken confit, dates, and celery, topped with soy mayo, maple syrup, and Dijon mustard.



What it is: Bacon on a plate, topped with a single lettuce leaf.

Bacon doughnuts


What it is: You can figure this one out.

The “Hot Pig”


What it is: 100% bacon sausage hot dog. Owner Anthony Jodoin believes it is the first of its kind.

There will be bacon cocktails, of course, made with Bacon vodka. Joudin tells BuzzFeed,

“I’m confident it’s going to become a bacon mecca,” says Joudin. “That’s my goal. That if you’re a bacon lover and you’re in Montreal, you will know that you have to come here.”

Leave your cholesterol and colon cancer worries at the door, folks!

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