French chocolatier Sylvain Musquar is testing the boundaries of chocolate’s universal deliciousness with his new cricket and worm-topped confections. Musquar was inspired to make these adventurous sweets after traveling throughout Asia, where eating insects isn’t taboo. Musquar decided to mix his newfound insect enlightenment with his passion for chocolate making, and the rest is history.

Musquar admits that his customers should forget about eating with their eyes and “not pay too much attention, otherwise you won’t eat them.” The chocolate maker covers the insects in edible gold dust so they look a little more appetizing. Musquar’s customers are either super adventurous eaters or they’ll just eat anything that’s gold and/or chocolate—he’s already sold sixty boxes of insect chocolates at €22 a pop.

Decide for yourself if insects are the next great trend or the emperor’s new clothes of candy.

Then click through the gallery to see other chocolate covered-insect candies on the market.

[via The Guardian]