For the latest episode of his Munchies series “Fuck That’s Delicious,” Bam Bam heads down south to Lil’ Wayne country (sadly, no Weezy cameo) to eat his way through the Crescent City. His aim? To look past the vomit-soaked debauchery of Bourbon Street and reveal the real food culture of New Orleans at spots like Willie Mae’s Scotch House, Mimi’s, and Coquette’s. He also goes ‘gator-spotting in the Bayou with a hilarious and nearly incomprehensible local ship captain named Arthur.

The breakout star of the episode is Isaac Toups of Toups’ Meatery, who absolutely needs his own cooking show (the way he smashes garlic is inspirational). And, of course, there’s Bronson’s “Albanian cousin” Big Body Bes, who spends most of the time sleezily hitting on the women of New Orleans.

[via Munchies]

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