Remember back in May, when Action Bronson spent a solid portion of his “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” video cooking up a storm (and eating a cake of his own face)? Remember how we cited said video as yet another reason why Bronson needed his own cooking show? Called it: The rapper told MTV that he’s got one in the works, though probably not on the Food Network (the topic came up during a discussion on Paula Deen).

Though he may not be a professional chef, Bronson’s more than qualified to talk food on camera—and he has, many times. Witness his trip to Milan’s Al Mercato for Vice, his hot wing showdown with Andrew W.K. at SXSW, and his rhapsodic description of Marea’s pasta for Complex TV. Judging by precedent, there’ll be lots of expletives, lots of marijuana, and lots of awesome food porn. All it needs is a network.

[via Grub Street]