Action Bronson is possibly the greatest food-rap MC of all time, and host of food tour web series,“Fuck, That’s Delicious.” Bronsolini gets around and eats envy-inspiring meals, no doubt.

Earlier today, the rapper posted pictures on his Instagram account of a 24-course meal that he ate at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.

(A little background: Chef René Redzepi‘s Noma is best known for Scandinavian dishes that make use of local foraged ingredients. In 2014 it was ranked, once again, the best restaurant in the world.)

Mere mortals have to wait several months to land a table at the 45-seat restaurant. Bam Bam, on the other hand, probably walked right on in.

Bronsolini may not have dined on the restaurant’s standout dish, winter potatoes cooked in fermented barley, but he clearly feasted on an impressive array of perfectly-composed plates.

Here’s a look at Bronson’s recently-grammed, multiple-course feast at Noma. (Note: We failed to include the last five courses—all dessert. Deal with it.)

Course 1

What it is: fresh berries in herbs

Course 2

What it is: live langoustine

Course 3

What it is: flower tart

Course 4

What it is: summer peas with chamomile

Course 5

What it is: hay-smoked quail egg

Course 6

What it is: Danish beef tartare with celery and black ants

Course 7

What it is: sea urchin with hazelnuts

Course 8

What it is: caramelized cabbage with rose petals and greens

Course 9

What it is: shaved cod liver on burnt milk

Course 10

What it is: roasted baby cucumber with ants and scallop fudge

Course 11

What it is: savory Danish doughnuts with bitter greens and grasshoppers

Course 12

What it is: barbecued summer onions

Course 13

What it is: Danish squid with black currant sauce

Course 14

What it is: seaweed broth with blackberries, cherries, and cured turbot roe

Course 15

What it is: butternut squash with Finnish caviar

Check out his Instagram for the complete list of dishes, including five dessert courses.

(All photos via Instagram