Action Bronson already had the food-rap crown firmly in his grasp, but with his latest mixtape—Blue Chips 2, released tonight as a free download—he’s put even more distance between himself and the competition.

With samples ranging from Phil Collins to Tracy Chapman and an endless smörgåsbord of quotables (sample: “Bought my bitch a present, hope I don’t spoil it / ‘What is it baby?’ Face-to-face toilets!”), the tape is pure fun from start to finish, with Bronson never wiping his shit-eating-grin from his face for a second. And for fans of his gastronomic wordsmithing, there’s plenty to dig into on nearly every track. Having previously shouted out Marea and filmed the first episode of his new Vice show there, Bam Bam continues his unlikely quest to make Michael White a hip-hop staple, this time shouting out lunches at Osteria Morini. He also name-checks everything from Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine, to callaloo, to cooking up farm-fresh eggs, to Greek lamb…matter of fact, let’s just get into it all.

Click through the slide show about to see all of the food references on Action Bronson’s Blue Chips 2

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[via Noisey]