American fast-food chains have managed to expand their gluttonous franchises to countries across the globe. While said countries may have embraced this very American institution, they have also managed to make them their own by infusing local flavors—sometimes driven by taste, sometimes by cultural norms—into the standard menus. This hybridization has resulted in some of the dopest fast-food creations in the game.

The rapidly expanding Indian economy means that the country has become host to a bevvy of fast-food giants, including everyone from McDonald’s to Taco Bell. The nation’s large Hindu population requires that beef is eighty-sixed off the menu, so these chains had to get creative with their offerings—and damn, they came through. India, rivaled maybe only by Japan, is breeding ground for insane fast food creations that trump the food offered stateside. Indian cuisine at it’s core is brimming with flavor and their fast food is no exception.

Click through the gallery above to see how fast food chains in India are slaying the international competition. 

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