When it comes to culinary achievement, Spain is the land of many. Distinctive dishes such as seafood laden paellas, refreshing gazpachos, and a delicious tradition of tapas are just a small part of their edible heritage. Spain is also home to a thick lineage of world famous chefs including the Adrià brothers (the masterminds behind the now shuttered elBulli), Juan Marie and Elena Arzak, and José Andrés—all of whom are kings of the fine dining world.

Spaniards are proud of their culinary traditions, which appear in the menu items at even the most American of fast-food chains. While certain countries may revel in their cheap street cuisine, Spanish food has an air of refinement to it—small elevated touches are found throughout—and their fast food is no exception. What else would you expect from a country that voraciously consumes not one, but two kinds of bougie (and globally revered) ham?

That profound love for ham is readily apparent in the country’s fast food options. Spaniards also adore beer, which is why it’s offered at most chains (jealous?). These little Spanish touches add a bit of class and panache to otherwise unglamorous fast food menus.

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