We definitely have tried-and-true cheese preferences when it comes to building nachos—a mix of mild cheddar and Monterrey jack is the go-to blend, while Oaxaca or queso fresco come into play when we want to go more Mexican than Tex-Mex.

But why stop there? We’ve had excellent nachos with everything from havarti to Muenster, so we hollered at our friends from Murray’s Cheese—a mecca for NYC (and online) curds enthusiasts—to find out what other options we should consider.

Here are five ways to remix the classic nacho cheese, courtesy of the Murray’s cheesemongers:

Upgrade your basic cheddar with Prairie Breeze Cheddar: “Made by an Amish family in Iowa, this is one of our new fave cheddars. It’s kind of a hybrid between Alpine and cheddar styles, making for a sweet and nutty taste.” Buy it here.

Make it smoky with smoked gouda: “Made in Wisconsin with milk coming from neighboring farms, this tangy gouda is perfect to melt on chips when you want to bring on the smoke.” Buy it here.

Make it spicy with jalapeño jack: “Monterey jack is one of the go-to cheeses for nachos, but we like to up the ante with a jalapeño jack made in the heartland of Wisconsin. It melts so well, and each bite is uber-peppery, which we love in our nachos!”

Make it Alpine-style with Pleasant Ridge Reserve: “Take it a step above with this farmstead find, also crafted in Wisconsin. Modeled after the French cheese Beaufort, each bite of this melter will be smooth and complex.” Buy it here.

Make it gooey with Asiago Pressato: “The slightly elastic texture of this classic Italian cheese makes for an extra gooey melting pleasure.” Buy it here.