Turning 80 doesn’t happen every day, so MTN DEW® has a lot to celebrate this year. But the popular beverage brand understands that achieving this milestone wouldn’t be possible without its loyal fans. That’s why they’re honoring their supporters in the most amazing way possible by creating the brand’s first-ever cookbook, Big Bold Book of MTN DEW® Recipes. 

Inspired by real recipes from real fans, the book includes 40 tasty, MTN DEW-infused dishes that’ll satisfy every craving whether that’s morning, noon, or night. We’re talking MTN DEW® salsas and BBQ sauces, green shortstacks and grilled cheese sandwiches, and even MTN DEW® Slushies and Electric Lemonade. 

MTN DEW Cookbook Lemondade
Image via MTN DEW

Initially available in limited quantities earlier this year, the Big Bold Book of MTN DEW® Recipes is set for a wider release soon. If you want to get a copy so you can try these fan-made culinary creations for yourself don’t worry. All you have to do is hit up The DEW® Store and join DEW® Nation HQ to get advanced notice on when the cookbook is up for sale. 

Even if you don't have a copy yet, be sure to share a MTN DEW® dish of your own online. Just use #MTNDEWCookbook and tag @mountaindew for the chance to be featured on the brand's Instagram page. MTN DEW®’s all about showing its fans love. 

MTN DEW Cookbook Dinner
Image via MTN DEW