Being a Spice Lord isn't all about dumping hot sauce on your chicken wings. It's a way of life. And now, with two brand new products from the evil geniuses over at Hot Ones, Spice Lords can crank up the heat no matter what situation they find themselves in. 

On Thursday, First We Feast launched its latest Scoville-packed condiment—the Pepper X-infused "Nugget Honey"—and three flamin' hot sneaker styles in collaboration with Reebok. 

Hot Ones' Nugget Honey is the perfect campion for (you guessed it) chicken nuggets, but also an ideal match for pizza, fried chicken, and even cocktails. The sweet, syrup-like sauce is made with craft gin from Vermont, pure alfalfa honey from Montana, and of course a hearty helping of Smokin’ Ed Currie's proprietary batch of melt-your-face-off chili peppers. 

Hot Ones Nugget Honey
Image via First We Feast Original

Hot Ones x Reebok marks a major step forward for sneakerheads looking to put some heat on their feet. The collection takes three iconic Reebok styles—The Club C ("mild"), the Classic Leather ("medium"), and the Shaqnosis ("hot")—and gives them a Hot Ones-inspired redesign. 

Hot Ones x Reebok Sneakers
Image via First We Feast Original

Head here to grab some Nugget Honey, and here to get your hands on the Hot Ones x Reebok sneaker collection. Stay spicy, Spice Lords!