Hot Ones returns 10/1 @ 11am EST! There is no such thing as a vacation at Hot Ones HQ—as Chris Schonberger always says, “No weeks off!” So into this spicy autumn we go, and you know what that means: it’s time to meet the new hot sauce lineup for Season 13!

A round of applause as we welcome back some of our favorite makers like Dawson’s, Angry Goat Pepper Co., Shaquanda’s, Hell Fire Detroit, and Heartbeat. But what is that in the last spot? Is it a new version of The Last Dab?! Introducing The Last Dab Apollo—the only sauce in the world with the Apollo Pepper, the newest, most ferocious, and most delicious pepper yet from our friend and legendary mad scientist Smokin’ Ed Currie. This is by far the hottest Dab ever created, some say even hotter than the sun itself. Welcome back, spice lords!