Camera Guy Bill is welcoming all Spice Lords to the exclusive Hot Ones Tasting Room, where he's testing his love (and tolerance) for hot and spicy food with Paqui Chips.

Taking on every course of Paqui’s five-chip meal, Bill starts with the crunchy but mild Mucho Nacho Cheese. The second course includes the Zesty Salsa Verde, complete with the taste of tiny tomatillos and sour cream. He describes the third course, the Jalapeño Tropicale, as the perfect blend of heat and sweet. Your favorite camera guy says the fourth course really “packs a punch” with the Fiery Chile Limón, which he describes as “an explosion of red hot chili peppers and lime juice.” Lastly, we see that the fifth and final course has been rightfully named the Haunted Ghost Pepper because it’s really freakin' hot! In fact, Bill could barely take a bite without laughing and holding back actual tears. 

These Paqui Chips might be hot AF, but Bill still gives them the official Camera Guy guarantee. So of course, he wants you to try them out for yourself. All you have to do is make sure to sample all five flavors, including Mucho Nacho Cheese, Zesty Salsa Verde, Jalapeño Tropicale, Fiery Chile Limón, and Haunted Ghost Pepper—in that order. It might sound easy enough to taste 'em all, but based on Bill's reaction in the video above, they can clearly make a grown man cry!

And if that's not enough heat for you, check back soon to watch Paqui's #OneChipChallenge video, which drops later this month. You won’t want to miss seeing what’s new about this year’s sweat-inducing chip!