The game show-ified version of Hot Ones with host Sean Evans continues this summer on truTV with a fresh batch of new episodes for Season 1.

Over the next 10 weeks, hot sauce enthusiasts will be gifted with tightly packaged editions of Hot Ones: The Game Show boasting all new contestants, reaction moments, and—though it should go without saying at this point—additional helpings of heat.

And to celebrate the show's return to truTV, Evans—alongside fans and special celebrity guests—have put together a limited edition (and quarantine-friendly) series for socials dubbed Home Ones. This week's guest, as seen below, is comedian Jay Pharoah:

Hot Ones: The Game Show kicks off a run of new episodes at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday via truTV.

If your hot sauce prowess extends to, say, assembling a personal collection, then you might consider the Hot Ones Challenge Pack. The hot trio package includes the Brain Burner, the Eye of the Scorpion, and the Constrictor. As the names suggest, all of these are quite hot indeed. For more info on the set, which runs for $60, click right here.