Complex is a company built on the voices of a diverse group of people. We celebrate the culture of seemingly disparate communities collaborating to create things that change the world.

And while we are embedded in the places where people from various backgrounds come together to do great work, we also know that the concept of a post-racial society is a lie. The violence and tragic loss of life that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend is simply further proof of that.

The history of racial oppression and discrimination on the part of America’s white majority is this country’s greatest shame. The echoes of that history continue to prevent us from living up to the lofty words upon which our country was founded.

Despite the progress and accomplishments people of color and those of varying faiths have been able to achieve in this country, our troubled past haunts us.

This division didn’t start with the election of Donald J. Trump, but his lack of a moral compass and embrace of voices that seek to marginalize communities of color only serve to fan the flames of hate. By failing to condemn white supremacists and their cowardly ideologies this week he’s emboldened them.

A true leader sets an honorable example for those under him or her. (It should have been her). The place that Trump would like to take America is not somewhere Complex, let alone the nation, can go. We pledge to continue to resist the voices of hatred, and to spotlight and amplify the voices within our communities that seek to uplift and unite us.

For more information on the fight against hate, visit any or all of the sites below:

NAACP Albemarle-Charlottesville Branch
Anti-Defamation League
Southern Poverty Law Center
Stop Hate Project
Legal Aid Justice Center
Black Student Alliance at UVA
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Human Rights Campaign

For more ways to join in the fight against white supremacists:

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