Making wings at home can be an intimidating task. In 2017, restaurants pair their drums and flats with an ever-expanding array of sauces, breadings, dips and accoutrements. But when it comes real-deal, no-frills, honest-to-God Buffalo wings, the rules are actually incredibly simple.

While Sean Evans may be the man when it comes to eating wings, it turns out he doesn’t know too much about cooking them.

In an attempt to help all the Hot Ones fans looking to create their own wings challenges, Sean enlisted Dan Borowski and John Henninger of Dan & John's Wings in the East Village for a back-to-basics, Buffalo-style cooking tutorial.

Armed with fresh, farm-raised chicken, a vat of soybean oil, and a stockpile of Frank's RedHot, these upstate natives outline the keys to making crisp, juicy poultry at home.

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