Well, the moment is finally here. In addition to the one-two content punch that is Hot Ones and Food Skills, today we'd like to introduce the First We Feast family to our latest weekly web series: Empty Calories.

Long gone are the days of Julia Child and Jacques Pépin. In 2017, hundreds of hours of cooking, food, and travel shows are beamed out to the masses, teaching viewers how to bake, roast, and flambé their ways to MasterChef status.

Sure, there are the Anthony Bourdains and Eddie Huangs of the world, guys who have been able to push the culture forward with a couple cameras and a few frequent flyer miles. But more often than not, food media has turned into a clusterfuck of reality T.V. buffoonery, and viral, facepalm-inducing cooking fails.

That's where our fearless hosts Sean Evans and Ellie Lee come in. Together, Sean, Ellie, and a room full of disgruntled Complex employees have sifted through the dumpster fire of cooking content to bring you the most noteworthy culinary moments every Tuesday morning at 11 a.m.

Stay tuned.

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