Say what you will about McDonald’s—that its Chicken McNuggets are rubbery, that its Big Macs have lost their cultural relevance. But true students of the fast-food game know that when it comes to French fries, Mickey D’s is the undisputed GOAT.

That said, in recent months McDonald’s—particularly its international branches—has been trying to fix something that ain’t broken. First, the Golden Arches began introducing terrifying pumpkin spice-flavored fries in Japan, and then a location in France decided to do away with deep-fried spuds all together.

Now, marking McDonald’s latest experiment, the company is reportedly testing waffle fries this winter in Canada, along with a new hashbrown burger.

Though McDonald’s is famous for its thin, crisp French fries, Twitter—the final arbiter in these matters—seems to be pretty hyped on the idea of getting some lightly-battered, waffle-cut sides this holiday season.

Let's just hope these make their way stateside before Chick-fil-A achieves total waffle fry domination.

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