After spending months in jail on two unrelated charges this year, the rapper Kodak Black posted $100,000 bond last week, walking out of a penitentiary in Florence County, South Carolina a free man.

Still, despite the smiling photos the rapper posted on his way out prison, old habits apparently die hard. In the days since his release, Kodak’s followers have been poking fun at the 19-year-old MC online, calling him out for continuing to eat “jail food” even though he’s now a free man.

Over the weekend, the artist could be seen posting pictures to Instagram and Twitter of Doritos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos next to squares of American cheese and slices of white bread. Another photo featured the snack foods mashed up with deli meats and condiments, and on Sunday the rapper also said he had forgotten how to boil an egg while behind bars.

Even before the photos hit the web, fans had been mocking the rapper for gaining weight in prison, comparing him to the newly-slim Gucci Mane. And though the idea of jail recipes have long been part of lore surrounding rappers’ time in prison, cooking while incarcerated is often a means of survival for inmates.

As Mic notes, institutions often spend as little as 58 cents per meal on inmates, and using ingredients from a prison’s commissary offers a brief respite from the bland food, boredom, and inertia. Earlier this year, Lil Wayne’s prison memoir, Gone ‘Til November, was practically a food diary from his time in jail, with the rapper documenting every Doritos-and-ramen-stuffed burrito he cooked during his time behind bars.

Similarly, Albert "Prodigy" Johnson of Mobb Deep, published a cookbook of prison recipes this fall called Commissary Kitchen, which charted the MC’s battle to cook healthy meals as someone who suffers from sickle cell anemia.

“This book won’t make you a better cook, but it might make you a better person,” Prodigy wrote in the book’s introduction. “Because in a world where prisoners are treated like animals, we made our experiences there feel more human by how we prepared our food.

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