If you've ever wondered if Sean Brock loves Willie Nelson, or if Danny Bowien likes Peking duck—or how Anthony Bourdain might DJ a potluck attended by some of the most revered chefs and musicians on the planet—you'll probably want to check out Mind of a Chef’s holiday special.

Sponsored by a new platform from Sonos and Spotify, the show's "Potluck Music Special" is food and music porn at its most decadent. Think Brock frying up blue crab over rice, April Bloomfield smoking a massive slab of meat over a wood burning fire, and Iñaki Aizpitarte preparing a vegetable charcuterie board as Bowien quizzes him on his culinary upbringing.

Throughout the episode, the chefs explain their personal connections to music and food, and behind the scenes each cook was tasked with crafting their own playlists for the event. While Bowien—who hosts the episode—has a tracklist full of The Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica, Brock threw some Waylon Jennings into the mix, and Bloomfield seems partial to the stylings of Kate Bush, Queen, and Fleetwood Mack.

The episode concludes with a massive party, attended by musicians and actors like Vince Staples, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric fame. As Bourdain mans the turntable, Bowien muses on the importance of crafting a full sensory experience with music and food.

“Any event we do, music is just as important as food. It’s about setting a tone,” Bowien says. “As a chef, my job is to provide an experience for someone. It’s like music. You go to see a show, and for a couple of hours lose yourself. And on a sensory level, experience everything you can.”

[via YouTube/Mind of a Chef]