While Fox News continues to drum up fear around the "War on Christmas," the fast-food wars have apparently zeroed in on the Festival of Lights this holiday season, rolling out a new Whopper with ketchup-filled doughnut buns.

According to the Times of Israel, the "SufganiKing" will be availed from the first day of Hanukkah on December 25 through the new year. The item is intended to mimic sufganiyah, a fried, jelly-stuffed pastry traditionally eaten during the holiday. Instead of jelly, however, the company of course opted for a salty tomato condiment.

On Hanukkah, which celebrates the Maccabean uprising against the Greeks, often features heavy, oily foods, but couldn’t BK just have thrown a latke on a beef patty and called it a day?

“This matching of two popular Israeli food items was inevitable for us,” Steve Ben Shimol, the Israeli CEO of the fast-food chain, told YNet News in a statement. “We’re proud to be able to end 2016 on a creative, festive note.”

Burger King Israel announced the new sweet-and-savory  menu item in a Facebook post this week, explaining that the Hanukkah-inspired Whopper "proves miracles still happen!" Still, if the comments are any indication, Israeli customers are actually fairly confused about the new addition, asking if the item is a joke, or if the image had been Photoshopped.

This year, fast-foods chains seem willing to go to any lengths to create increasingly absurd menu items, especially when it comes to their international branches. Lets all take a moment to be grateful that Burger King didn't figure out a way to turn a hamburger into a menorah.

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