When it comes to matters of culinary the arts—especially if we're talking about the perfect way to make a hamburger—there are a few names that stand out. One might call Danny Meyer at Shake Shack, or hit up April Bloomfield at the Spotted Pig, or even walk into the local butcher shop. But for us, we know we can always trust Anthony Bourdain to break down the secrets behind perfect beef patty. Luckily, the Parts Unknown host recently did just that, offering three big league burger tips in a new video for Tech Insider

With Bourdain, less is often more, and his burger guide is actually pretty simple. A longtime fan of Shake Shack—as well as the West Coast burger behemoth, In-N-Out—Bourdain believes every component of the burger should add to its taste, not to a chef's Instagram following. With that in mind, here are Tony's three must-haves when it comes to achieving burger nirvana. 

  • Classic soft squishy potato bun
  • Hunk of well-ground good-quality beef
  • Processed, meltable cheese

Bourdain also argues that a burger should always consumed with one hand, which disqualifies the six-inch stack of toppings you'll see on most menus these days. And while Bourdain can appreciate a fancy cheese on a burger every once in awhile, he prefers a slice of some good ol' American yellow. 

Now, to be fair, there are a dizzying number of ways to cook a hamburger, with each method offering its own benefits and pitfalls. But if you're looking for perfection, you may want to follow Bourdain's advice—or at least go to Shake Shack and let them make a Double ShackBurger for you

[via Youtube/TechInsider]