Anthony Bourdain has never minced words when it comes to his feelings about Donald Trump, roasting the president-elect for his love of well-done steaks and threats against Mexican immigrants. But with Inauguration Day less than a month away, the Parts Unknown host is also coming after his peers, slamming the chefs and restaurateurs who have aligned themselves with Trump by way of his Washington D.C. hotel.

Located at the historic Old Post Office Pavilion, the Trump International Hotel has been a point of controversy since August 2015, when chef José Andrés pulled out of his deal to open a restaurant inside the complex. David Burke’s BLT Prime eventually replaced Andrés’ restaurant, and in November it was announced that Alessandro Borgognone and Sushi Nakazawa would fill a second space left absent by Geoffrey Zakarian.

In an interview with Eater this week, Bourdain let the world know exactly how he feels about chefs living off the Trump payroll.

“I will never eat in [Alessandro Borgognone’s] restaurant. I have utter contempt for him, utter and complete contempt. Just like David Burke — I mean, I never had the highest opinion of him in the first place, but I guess he’s the last person in this life I should look to for principles. Burke went in and took over [the space Jose Andres had originally occupied], and promptly tried to poach his staff, I hear. This was after Jose reached out and said ‘Everyone welcome him to Washington, don’t hold it against him, just because I decided to pull out.’ So Burke’s a steaming loaf of shit, as far as I’m concerned, and feel free to quote me.”

It’s probably safe to say Bourdain won’t be eating at Trump Grill in New York City anytime soon, either.

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