At 41-years-old, 50 Cent boasts a fairly impressive resume. He’s made some club bangers, given a few Oscar-worthy acting performances, and created the legendary fictional character “Pimpin’ Curly.” Still, there’s one thing 50 just doesn’t have a knack for—and that’s cooking.

Over the weekend, Patti LaBelle’s new show—aptly titled Patti LaBelle's Place—premiered on the Cooking Channel. And perhaps in an attempt to make the soul singer’s skills in the kitchen look even more impressive, LaBelle invited “Chef Boyar-Fifty!” over to whip up some meat and vegetables.

From the very first moment, it becomes abundantly clear that 50 has probably never stepped foot in a kitchen before. The rapper awkwardly hacks at corn on the cob, struggles to mash up some potatoes, and even fails to properly boil water as LaBelle looks on in disbelief.

"When I saw 50 Cent dropping my corn on the floor, I said, 'What?!'" LaBelle says in the clip. "Miss Patti never has a dirty kitchen, and we're not going to start today. But he is 50 Cent, so I'll let him get away with that."

Later, 50 confesses that he wants to learn to cook to impress his girl. Maybe just stick to rapping, Curtis.

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