If you're going to break your vegetarianism, this is the way to do it. Stephanie Potakis, a casting director at the Onion, recently decided it was time to break her 22-year meat hiatus, and did so in spectacular fashion, dining on a spread of crispy chicken, bone marrow, and Wagyu beef.

To kickstart her new life as a carnivore, Potakis found a private booth at Chicago’s Swift & Sons steakhouse, and ordered herself some of the finest meats money could buy. Easing back into the swing of things, Potakis starts out with some crispy chicken thighs, an experience that shakes her to her very core. “I get what juicy means now,” she says. “The flavors are just oozing out in every bite. That doesn’t happen with vegetables. Ever.”

With that baby step under her belt, Potakis dives head first into the wonders of protein, slurping bone marrow from a femur until there's nothing left. Still, the coup de grâce occurs when Potakis is given the opportunity to compare a regular rib eye steak to Wagyu beef, a cut of Japanese meat that famously melts in one’s mouth. Even as a meat-eating novice, Potakis can immediately sense the immense difference in quality, practically dissolving into a puddle of existential bliss.

“That doesn’t even compare to the other one!” she says. “That doesn’t even compare to the other one. Like this one’s good, but this one’s stupid good. It’s like a butter I didn’t know existed, but it tastes like meat.”

By the end of her meal, Potakis is on the verge of tears, hugging her chef in gratitude. PETA has its work cut out for it after this powerful meat-eating PSA.

[via AV Club]