In 2016, the Internet practically runs on memes. If it’s not Guy Fieri taking on the Mannequin Challenge, it’s Joe Biden trying to convince Barack Obama to shoot the Republicans with some Nerf guns.

Now, Shirley Caesar—the "First Lady of Gospel Music,” and a television pastor with nearly 1.5 million likes on Facebook—is responsible for the latest viral challenge to sweep social media. Though Caesar is still preaching to this day, the Internet has unearthed a 20-second clip from a 20-year-old sermon and turned it into one of the toughest Turkey Day beats online.

The clip, which began circulating on Twitter and Instagram earlier this week, shows Caesar shouting, “I got greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes….” before belting out a triumphant “You name it!" as the band kicks in. In just a few short  days, the song has been remixed so many times it difficult to keep track, accompanied by the caption, "Grandma, what you plan on cooking for Thanksgiving?"

As BET notes, the meme found such widespread circulation thanks in large to Pete Rock and Chris Brown, the latter of which could be seen dancing to the remix on his Instagram page. From there, the #UNameItChallenge exploded, with users doing increasingly intricate, ridiculous, and impressive takes on the clip and posting them online.

Check out some the best spins on the #UNameItChallenge below.

Anyone else feeling hungry for some greens?

[via BET]