Over the course of the last week, tensions have been running high all over the country. Now, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn is the latest area to devolve into scenes of hate in Donald Trump's new America. According to Gothamist, a male Trump supporter dining at Bar Tabac—a French bistro on Smith Street—punched a 49-year-old woman in the face this weekend after the two had been arguing about politics.

Though neither the victim nor the suspect have been identified by name, employees of Bar Tabac say two female Clinton supporters were eating together on Saturday night, discussing the recent election over dinner. A couple seated next to them—two Trump supporters—joined the conversation and started an argument. Understandably, the women asked to be moved, and for the rest of the evening the couples sat on opposite sides of the busy restaurant.

While that should have marked the end of the altercation, things quickly went off the rails after the man paid his bill. Before leaving the restaurant, the assailant allegedly ran through the crowded dining room and sucker-punched the woman in the face, running out the front door and fleeing to his car.

Jonas Leon, the restaurant’s manager, chased after the attacker, but came up empty handed. Having paid with cash, the man has so far alluded the NYPD. After the assault, Bar Tabac posted a note about the incident on their Facebook page.

“Once the law is done with you, do not come back to Bar Tabac,” the restaurant wrote, also banning the attacker’s partner. “At a point in this nation when tensions are highest we need to come together now more than ever. We apologize to any customers who had to witness this vulgar outburst.”

Though the man still hasn’t been apprehended by the police, Mayor Bill de Blasio has urged New Yorkers to contact the NYPD with any information regarding the suspects whereabouts.

Though President-elect Trump has feebly told Americans to “stop it” when it comes to hate speech and violence, hate crimes have skyrocketed since Election Day. Instances of bigotry have been seen all over the U.S., and the restaurant industry is no exception. Last week, a server at a TGI Friday’s was reportedly left a racist note instead of a tip by a Trump Supporter, and women were taunted outside of a Tribeca steakhouse using the president-elects “grab them by their pussies” remark.

[via Gothamist]