With Election Day less than a week away, people around the country are making a final push to support their chosen candidates. One family in Texas, however, is taking their love of Donald Trump to new and absurd heights, rebranding their longstanding French restaurant, the Bellville Café, as the Trump Café.

Located in Bellville, Texas, a small city some 60 miles outside of Houston, the Trump Café is the brainchild of Su and Eddie Hawa, who—needless to say—are yuge supporters of the Republican nominee.

“He loves America and we hope he will be president,” Su Hawa told the Houston Chronicle. “People like the name, they’re supporting him.”

Still, the name isn't the only thing changing in Bellville. The Hawa's have abandoned French food, in favor of some good ol’ fashioned American-style grub to match the restaurant’s new name. According to a Facebook post, the café even has a trump burger topped with bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce, though if the Hawa’s really wanted to impress the Donald they’d just serve KFC, McDonald’s, and an assortment of well-done steaks.

While less idealistic restaurateurs might contemplate a political name-change as a publicity stunt, the Hawa's are apparently adamant about the rebranding, switching the store’s sign and printing new menus. Win or lose, the Hawa's plan to keep the name Trump Café for the foreseeable future; let’s just hope the Donald doesn’t sue the couple for copyright infringement.​

On Yelp, users have already started to tell the owners what they think of the new business model.

“Everything they serve at this restaurant tastes like musty Cheetos,” one reviewer wrote. “And the sandwiches have weird blond hairs swirled around them.”

Hmm. Sounds familiar.

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