Taco Bell—lords of stunt food and legends of snack cabinet collabos—are back at it again, this time with an awe-inspiring quesadilla stuffed with cheddar jalapeño Cheetos. Just let that sink in for moment.

Though the fast-food Tex-Mex chain has long coated its taco shells in a variety of Doritos flavors in the U.S.—and occasionally used Cheetos to fill its burritos and Crunchwrap sliders—the new Cheetos quesadilla is available exclusively in the Philippines, according to an advertisement on the company’s Facebook page.

Though stoners and fast-food fanatics can only pray that the item will eventually make its way stateside, the new addition was met with a mixture of excitement and terror in Southeast Asia, with the company’s announcement on Facebook racking up 13,000 likes, 3,000 shares, and 2,600 comments in less than 24 hours.

As Uproxx notes, Taco Bell seems to have taken its classic, three-cheese blend quesadilla and stuffed it with puffed cornmeal snacks for some added crunch. The item’s grilled tortillas should protect one’s fingers from all that orange cheese powder, so you can coat your taste buds in Cheetos goodness, and not your digits.

Though its debatable whether the Cheetos quesadilla is worth flying 8,500 miles to try, so far the item has been causing some buzz online. “This looks promising! Cheesy goodness and with [crunch] to boot!” one customer wrote. “We have been blessed,” added another.

Still, if you can't make it out to the Philippines just yet, there’s always the option of bringing a bag of Cheetos on your next Taco Bell excursion and getting creative.

[via Uproxx]