We’ll admit it, we thought the Mannequin Challenge was over. After Guy Fieri recorded a four-minute-long video to Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles,” we were fairly certain that the game had been won. But now, another Bleach Blond Beatle has stepped up to the plate: Spencer Pratt.

Though Pratt is best known for playing the villain on MTV’s The Hills—and subsequently marrying co-star Heidi Montag—in recent years the reality TV star has rebranded himself as a sort of social media wunderkind.

And while much of the world has been attempting to push the Mannequin Challenge to its limits by devising ever more intricate set-ups, Pratt has the foresight—nay, the courage!—to take things in the opposite direction. Instead of surrounding himself with friends or co-workers, Pratt decided to pose like a statue in a goddamn Taco Bell all by himself.

Donning a t-shirt and a pair of dark sunglasses, Pratt can be seen pausing mid-bite as he chows down on a CrunchWrap Supreme, a Mexican Pizza, and some Doritos Locos Tacos. Unfortunately, fast-food Tex-Mex doesn’t follow the rules of the Mannequin Challenge, and on more than one occasion some ground beef and Border Sauce© can be seen dripping on the table, almost completely ruining the illusion. He also fidgets a lot. But I digress.

Regardless of his execution, Pratt is a legend for this one.

Your movie, Fieri.

[via People]