Shake Shack is a fast-food chain built on beef patties, with its signature, smash-style ShackBurger catapulting the company to the upper-echelons of fast-casual dining. But as Shake Shack continues to evolve, chicken has become an increasingly crucial component of its menu, and beginning next year the restaurant chain will start testing yet another new sandwich: the Barbecue Chick'n Shack.

According to Eater, the news was announced in a call with investors on Wednesday, and marks the company's latest attempt to build off the success of its original, bare bones chicken sandwich, introduced in January. In Brooklyn, fans can currently get their hand on a Salt & Pepper Honey Chick'n sandwich and in recent months the company has been collaborating with well-known chefs on other one-day-only, chicken-centric specials.

Though the new item is only scheduled for a limited release, the sandwich is expected to hit stores in the first quarter of 2017, and will feature a "crispy" chicken breast slathered in Shack barbecue sauce.

Shake Shack achieved huge success with its  poultry, with the original Chick'n Shack quickly becoming one of the chains three top selling items. But the company also seems committee to tweaking its burger offerings, and will also begin selling a Barbecue Shackmeister burger early next year. The item will see the restaurant chain's famous beef patties topped with beer-marinated shallots and more Shack barbecue sauce.

Thank you, Shake Shack. We all really needed this.

[via Eater]