Over the course of the last decade, as Gilmore Girls had been on a seemingly indefinite hiatus, the show earned a cult status among fans largely for its dialogue. Packing a dizzying number of cultural references into a just few short phrases, the series could have used footnotes to untangle Lorelai and Rory's many nods to T.V., film, literature, and music.

Now, Gilmore Girls is back with new episodes on Netflix, and the show is dropping names of celebrity chefs left and right. Just 20 minutes into the first installment, Roy Choi—the L.A. food truck kingpin, and owner of the fast-food chain LocoL—makes a cameo at the Dragonfly Inn in Stars Hollow.

Taking over the kitchen once helmed by her friend Sookie, Lorelai doesn't take kindly to Choi, mocking the chef behind his back for his Kogi tattoo, and for talking to kids about "rad food" on Twitter. "I don't need some cool guy running around Tweeting making me feel uncool in my own inn," Lorelai scoffs.

Ultimately, after Choi moves her coffee maker—and promises to make the dining room “less granny”—Lorelai fires the cook, telling him to host his pop-up restaurant at a tire garage. Michel, the inn's concierge, proceeds to list a number of other renowned chefs who apparently received similar treatment.

“At least you were nicer than you were to Anthony Bourdain,” Michel says. According to Lorelai, Bourdain parked in Sookie’s spot, April Bloomfield served too much pork, Alice Waters was too “flighty,” and David Chang’s cooking is on par with Al’s Pancake World. Finally, it’s revealed that Sookie left to work with Dan Barber at Blue Hill Farm.

Ironically, Choi and his fans took to Twitter to show their excitement over the cameo.

[via Twitter/ Roy Choi]