In our iPhone-saturated, rear end-obsessed society, it’s no secret that Apple’s longstanding peach emoji was essentially a big ol’ butt. And while the company’s new iOS 10.2 update will bring a number of important changes to America’s smartphones (finally, we’ll get the Harambe emoji we’ve always deserved), the new peach emoji looks absolutely nothing like an ass.

Unsurprisingly, people aren’t psyched to have their sexting games absolutely obliterated by a piece of fruit that actually looks like a piece of fruit. On Twitter, iPhone users mourned the loss of the old, more curvaceous peach, while cursing Apple for its senseless update.

According to New York magazine, a number of other food emojis will be changing as well, forgoing their old looks for a more realistic makeover. Besides the new avocado icon, a face-palm emoji has also been added to the library, which should come in handy the next time someone tries to sext you with this lame, mood-killing peach picture.

Hey, at least the eggplant emoji is staying the same—for now. 

[via New York]