Chef James Sharman made a name for himself at Copenhagen's most exclusive restaurant, Noma. After leaving René Redzepi’ Michelin-starred kitchen, however, Sharman decided to keep with with the restaurant’s rugged, high-end aesthetic, embarking on a two-year world tour and opening pop-up restaurants along the way. Now, the chef’s journeys will finally take him to Nepal, where he will open a restaurant just below the world’s highest peak.

That’s right. Mount Everest will be the next stop on Sharman's “One Star House Party,” which saw the 25-year-old chef travel to 20 different cities around the world, building unique menus and restaurant concepts from his experiences in the area. Sharman spends three weeks in each city building, experimenting, and living, and then, for the last seven days of each month, he cooks, serving patrons at pop-up restaurants he creates in each locale.

Though the impromptu restaurants have taken place in areas like Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok, Mount Everest presents an entirely new terrain—even for Sharman. Adventurous eaters will have to fund their own excursions Nepal, and then shell out roughly $1050 for the culinary experience (which, as one might imagine, includes a fair bit of hiking).

On the course of 14-day expedition, diners will also have to help Sharman and his squad construct the restaurant before they get to eat. Though the pop-up won’t take place at the mountain’s 29,000-foot peak, the event doesn’t sound like a walk in the park, either. Restaurant-goers will have to get used to the altitude at 17,000 feet above sea level if they want to share a meal with Sharman.

With only 15 spaces available, Sharman’s Mount Everest adventure may be an even more exclusive ticket than the final few weeks of Noma.

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