Morgan Spurlock is a man of extremes. In 2004, the director didn't just expose the dark underbelly of the fast-food world, he ate enough Big Macs and French fries to kill a small horse, documenting his journey toward obesity in the Academy Award-nominated film, Super Size Me.

Now, Spurlock is taking things one step further, opening his own fast-food restaurant, Holy Chicken!, in an attempt to show America that quick, tasty grub doesn't always have to be unhealthy. According to Indiewire, Spurlock's "chicken experience" will open its doors on Saturday, November 19 in Columbus, Ohio, and will include organic, farm-to-table ingredients.


Coming to you November 19th Columbus, OH! Get ready for #holychickenusa #toogoodtobetrue #cluckcluck

A photo posted by Holy Chicken! (@holychickenusa) on Nov 14, 2016 at 11:04am PST

Unsurprisingly, Holy Chicken! will focus its efforts on natural, free range poultry, serving up a Grilled Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Lil' Cluckers Chicken Tenders on its menu. Though chicken has become an increasingly crucial component of the fast-food landscape—with chains like Shake Shack introducing anti-biotic free chicken items in an attempt to compete with Chick-fil-A—the restaurant will also feature locally sourced and produced beverages, according to Indiewire.

“Everything about the food is made and backed with integrity and openness including closing the loop in sustainability by raising our own chickens,” a spokesperson for the restaurant said in a statement. “The food is not only hormone free, its antibiotic free, cage free, free range, farm raised, humanely raised and 100 percent natural!”

Though Spurlock's claim to fame is pushing McDonald's to begin scaling back its Super Size campaign—and by extension changing the way America speaks about fast-food—the filmmaker has stayed busy over the past 12 years. Host of the CNN docuseries Morgan Spurlock Inside Man, the director’s most recent film, Rats, debuted in September at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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