After months of unanswered hopes and prayers, the McRib has finally returned to us in all its meaty, sauce-slathered glory. In what appears to be an effort to comfort a wounded America, McDonald's has reintroduced its beloved, barbecue pork sandwich for yet another limited run this month.

And while the McRib has popped up at the Golden Arches sporadically over the years, the item known to vanish in a blink of an eye. Luckily, this time around, there’s an app available to help customers find as many boneless pork patties as humanly possible before supplies run out.

Aptly title the McDonald's McRib Finder, the application is only available for iOS (sorry Android users...), and uses an iPhone’s GPS to find Mickey D's locations that sell the elusive menu item. And before we start labeling the app as yet another shameless, fast-food marketing scheme, only half of McDonald's locations in the U.S. will be selling the McRib, so the app might be a necessity to true fans.

Though the McRib costs roughly $3 to $4, depending on location, the McRib Finder is completely free. The one drawback is that the app only shows McRib-stocked McDonald’s locations in your immediate radius—so if you're out of range, you're out of luck.

Even so, the app does all it can to keep McDonald’s fans full of pork patties. The McRib Finder is also attached to iMessage, so you can send your friends the location of your local rib slinger. Or, if your barbecue-loving buddies also have the app, you can send them McRib stickers to show them just how bad you want that damn sandwich.

There's no telling how long the McRib will last on menu this time around. The real question, however, is what will happen to the app after the McRib inevitably falls back into obscurity?

[via Food & Wine]